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Magic Spinning Globe

The MOVA globe is the first member of a new family of objects that come quietly to life when touched by light, without wires or batteries. The globe floats at a point of perfect balance between buoyant forces and gravitational forces, and slowly turns as it feels the force of the earth's magnetic field and the energy carried in light. 

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Magic Spinning Globe

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A world globe brought to life by the energy of room light and the force of the earths magnetic field. The Mova Globe rotates as if by magic on an elegant acrylic stand. No batteries or wires are required. Mova makes for a truly unique and classy corporate gift or award. These objects come from the near future a time when technology advances far enough to make things simple autonomous and magical. Their perpetual quite motion brings a tranquil point of focus to a room or an office. MOVA rotating globes will operate virtually anywhere indoors with an average room light with no batteries, wires or maintenance of any kind. It comes with an elegant three-finger stand but the globes will operate on any stand or surface of your personal choice (except for those made of iron or metal alloy that can be magnetized). No batteries and no wires required. This quiet and visually pleasing motion soothing meditative and inspirational 4.5 inch in diameter globe includes an informative user manual and an elegant acrylic stand. 


  -Heavy desktop globe

  -Spins in your hand when exposed to light

  -Magically stays upright at any angle

  -No batteries needed

  -Stand included


L=4.5" W=4.5" H=7.25"

Weight: 3 lbs 

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