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Explore Scientific Ultra-wide Angle 100 degree Series 14mm Eyepiece with 2.0" Barrel
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Explore Scientific Ultra-wide Angle 100 degree Series 14mm Eyepiece with 2.0" Barrel

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Like all Explore Scientific eyepieces, the lens elements of the 100° eyepiece are meticulously cleaned and aligned before being installed in their precision machined lens barrels. Each lens and lens grouping have EMD (Enhanced Multilayer Deposition) Coatings and are edge-blackened to eliminate light scatter and maintain image contrast. Contrast is further enhanced with baffles that mask and deflect unwanted stray light. Each 100° Series Nitrogen-Purged Waterproof eyepiece is internally sealed and purged with inert, dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging, to halt the intrusion of fine particulates and fungus, and to maximize the life of the internal coatings. To make sure, every 100° eyepiece is tested by submerging them down to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. 

Each and every Explore Scientific eyepiece is inspected both at the factory and again at their USA facility in California. Developing the new eyepieces Explore Scientific wanted to take a fresh perspective and address several points. The goal was to produce an ultra-wide angle design that provides pride of ownership at a great value: Focus on Value - Explore Scientific invites direct comparison to any eyepieces on the market in their category. Protection from the Outdoors - By making the eyepiece body nitrogen-purged and waterproof eyepiece internal elements will remain as pristine as the day they were assembled. The sealed, dry environment is impervious to internal fog

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