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    Uncle Milton Solar System In My Room
    An orbiting Solar System in your room! Now you can explore the wonders of the solar system right...
    $39.99 $25.99
    Rocket Glass Exclusive Collectible - Ares 1 DM3 Rocket Test 2009 - ATK Aerospace
    This amazingly cool and never before available piece of space history is a shard of the glass...
    Mars Globe

    Even the Hubble Space Telescope can't show you all the  details found on  this new...

    $120.95 $99.95
    Cosmos: Carl Sagan (DVD)
    $135.99 $109.99
    Night Sky Star Wheel
    If you've ever looked up in the sky and wondered exactly what you were seeing, then the Night...
    $19.95 $19.95
    Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro
    The Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium is the coolest little optical star planetarium for the home...
    $129.99 $99.95
    Uncle Milton Moon in My Room
    Uncle Miltion Moon in My Room comes with a Built-in light sensor that illuminates moon when room...
    $24.99 $22.95
    Star Wars Death Star Planetarium
    Ah, the planetarium. Home of many a school field trip. Our particular planetarium was built in...
    $29.99 $25.99
    Laminated Moon Map
    This is the lowest price youll find on Skywatching Maps and Charts right here at Store....
    $9.95 $7.95
    Star Trek The Original Series NCC-1701 Enterprise Ship Plush
    Whether you use it slice your alarm clock in half for waking you from an awesome slumber or...
    $24.99 $12.99
    Orion FunScope 76mm Tabletop Reflector Telescope
    A fun telescope indeed! You’ll enjoy hours of stellar exploration with this amazing little...
    $79.99 $64.99
    Star Wars R2-D2 USB Hub
    He's lots of fun, and you won't run out of USB ports or old recordings of Princess Leah with R2D2...
    Moon Rock Candy
    Moon Rock Candy These moon rocks are more like jelly beans, than actual moon rocks...and...
    $3.45 $1.25
    Bug View x 2
    Get a closer look at all sorts of small things! Examine bugs, flowers, stamps, coins and more....
    $10.95 $8.21
    Uncle Milton Star Theater
    Watch as hundreds of stars and constellations are projected on your ceiling and walls. It's like...
    $29.99 $19.99
    Venus Globe
    The Venus Globe: Our 12-inch scale model of Venus is based on radar data from the Magellan...
    $130.95 $99.95

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