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Guy Ottewell's Astronomical Calendar 2013
The Observer's Handbook is the must-have resource for advanced amateur and professional astronomers. Published by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada since 1907, this 300+ page guide is internationally recognized as the finest annual compendium of astronomical highlights and detailed information for the year.

Guy Ottewell's Astronomical Calendar 2013

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Guy Ottewell's Astronomical Calendar 2013

Know what is going to happen in the night sky with this richly illustrated book. This famous atlas-sized book is the most widely used and most attractive guide to what will happen in the sky throughout the year.

Each page is the size of three or four of an ordinary book, allowing large spreads of mixed diagrams and text.

The Astronomical Calendar has been published every year for the past 38 years, and is used by about 20,000 amateurs, telescope-owners, clubs, teachers, planetariums, libraries, and lovers of the sky in over 100 countries.

The 2013 edition of the Astronomical Calendar is the very last of its kind. Though future editions will still be published, author Guy Ottewell has chosen 2013 to be the final year in which the calendar is published in the large atlas-size format. Many of the current features and contributor articles will no longer be available in coming years, so if you're a fan of this calendar be certain to order your 2013 copy today!

Features include:

    An introductory explanation guide for using the book.
    Monthly features include: maps, diary entries, diagrams of the planets and their orbits, descriptions and more.
    Highlights of the Year, the Sun, the Moon, Special Moons, Young Moon, Eclipses, Occultations, and more.
    ....and so much more.

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