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Net Nanny 7.0 - Download

#1 Parental Software*

*TopTenReviews.com 2014 Parental Software Review

Net Nanny 7 is the most effective and flexible parental control software available today for Windows!

- Intuitive & Simple to Use

- Customized Settings by User

- Block Inappropriate Websites

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Net Nanny 7.0 - Download

Windows / 7 / 8 / Vista

Net Nanny 7 is the most effective and flexible parental control software available today for Windows! Our state-of-the art filtering technology ensures that your family won’t be exposed to pornography or other offensive Internet content. Net Nanny 7 is the most trusted family-oriented filter on the market today. Manage Internet use from any browser, at any time, through a powerful Administration console. Net Nanny 7 can be used as configured right “out of the box” or you can customize settings according to your personal preferences and family needs.

New, Easy-to-Use Features & Menus

  • Net Nanny offers simple, easy-to-use menus and a set-up assistant to manage usage and to determine the websites and content categories deemed appropriate based on a child’s age.

Administration Console

  • A powerful web-based dashboard helps parents manage users and settings from any web browser. Net Nanny synchronizes settings automatically when made online.

Profanity Masking

  • Net Nanny can mask vulgar or profane words found on websites. Inappropriate words are changed on-screen by Net Nanny into symbols.

Filtering of Encrypted & Proxy Websites

  • Using secure proxy and encrypted websites is the number one method used by tech-savvy teens to circumvent Internet filters. Net Nanny stops any attempt to get around filtering by blocking and filtering proxy and encrypted websites.

Social Network Monitoring

  • Net Nanny includes a free license of Net Nanny Social. This is a web-based dashboard that allows parents to monitor a teen’s friends, pictures, and comments on Facebook™, Instagram™, Twitter™, Pinterest™, Tumblr™, Google+™ and LinkedIn™.

Time Management

  • Net Nanny allows parents to limit the time spent by a child surfing the web. Parents can set time ranges (hours and days of the week) when the Internet will be off limits, as well as setting a time allowance (available hours per week) when the Internet can be accessed. 

Customized Lists

  • Net Nanny permits parents to create customized lists of unacceptable or acceptable Web sites by user or for the entire family. For example, a parent could set up a list (i.e., white list) of friendly websites that can be accessed by a child.

Integration with Popular Search Engines

  • Net Nanny enforces the “Safe Search” options found in popular search engines such as Google™, Yahoo™, and many others. This feature provides better protection against finding pornographic or nude images when doing an image-only search.


  • Net Nanny provides reports visible from any web browser at any time. Parents can see which websites have been blocked or warned and the reason for the block/warn.

E-mail Notifications

  • Parents can be notified via e-mail when family members are trying to violate or override the policies defined.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

What Does Net Nanny 7 Do?

• New, easy-to-use menus and features. 

• Blocks porn and inappropriate websites.

• Blocks encrypted and secure proxy sites too.

• Create custom categories or whitelist.

• Enforces Google™ & other Safe Search features.

• Enhanced performance for faster Web surfing.

• Masks profanity before it appears on websites.

• Set time limits of Internet usage by user.

• Remote administration from any web browser.

• Send alerts and reports to your email.

• Customize settings by user. 

• Includes Net Nanny Social – to monitor a teen’s friends, pics, and posts on seven social networks.

• Supports 64-bit Browsers and Operating Systems.

• Supports Windows™ 8, 7 and Vista.

• *Each License is good for 1 year

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