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About Us

About the SPACE.com Store:

We here at SPACE.com are passionate about space, technology and science, just like you. When trying to stock up on space memorabilia, skywatching guides and tools, and other cosmic goodies, we found that there were important elements missing in the space and astronomy online shopping experience. We decided these two items were the most important:

    1. A store full of products made to meet the varied, fun, and intelligent interests of you the modern space enthusiast.

    2. A certified and trusted source of space & astronomy products that you can trust will sell only authenticated memorabilia, and provide only the highest level of service in helping you have an enjoyable online shopping experience from when you arrive to the moment your package arrives on your doorstep.

As we have strived to provide entertaining, compelling, and accurate news for you on SPACE.com, we will strive to give you the same joy in online shopping and browsing. We hope you'll find something to make you think, make you wonder, or even make you laugh.

About SPACE.com News:

SPACE.com, launched in 1999, is the world's No. 1 source for news of astronomy, skywatching, space exploration, commercial spaceflight and related technologies. Our team of experienced reporters, editors and video producers explore the latest discoveries, missions, trends and futuristic ideas, interviewing expert sources and offering up deep and broad analysis of the findings and issues that are fundamental to or understanding of the universe and our place in it. SPACE.com articles are regularly featured on the web sites of our media partners: MSNBC.com, Yahoo!, the Christian Science Monitor and others.

About TechMediaNetwork:

TechMediaNetwork is a publisher of high-quality original content with owned and operated brands, including SPACE.com, and an advertising partner network that combined reach 56 million unique readers monthly, plus millions more through syndication to major media partners.

Expert product reviewers and an award-winning staff of experienced journalists produce hundreds of original videos, news, reviews and reference articles daily to satisfy curious readers, industry decision makers and in-market shoppers.

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